<< 12-page view book for study abroad program at Chapel Hill, marketing to foreign students.
<< posters, postcard, and gatefold brochure for a scholarly exhibit of books on “wunderkammers”, or cabinets of curiosity — our first museums.
<< poster, postcard and web ad designs for Mohammad Sharaf art exhibit.
<< website design for Twin Oaks Farm.
Final design is at bottom.
<< 24-page marketing viewbook for UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law.
<<custom die-cut folder and brochure for Faurot Construction (including logo design).
<< complete design and production of Tulane University's School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine view book and course catalog.
<< brochure design for an oral surgeon to thoroughly explain the dental implant process.
<< pro-bono fundraiser collateral for a no-kill animal shelter (including logo design).
<< case statement promotional piece, summary, and conference program for the Center for Civil Rights.
<< postcard promotion for a coffee shop live jazz series.
<< poster designs for art history lecture series.
final design is at top right.
<< holiday donation appeal for the I Have a Dream Foundation of Boulder County (pro bono).
<< identity and direct-mail piece for medical training courses. Client: Cubist Pharmaceuticals.
<< brochure for an event in the Peruvian highlands.
<< promotional materials for tea shop.
<< logotype and poster design for a Canadian mountain bike camp for teens.
<< brochure and annual report covers for the I Have A Dream Foundation of Boulder County (pro bono).